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Like most of us, you probably wish things were much better for young people in and from government care (including those in foster or group homes; mental health, addiction and custody centres; Extended Family Placements; and those on Independent Living or Youth Agreements). We know it takes a “village to raise a child” but, in practice, this is not something we in the West do very well. Children and youth in care are just like all other young people. But despite their incredible diversity, resilience and talents, young people growing up with the government as their parent face unique obstacles and often poor outcomes. Young people are taken into care by our governments, and by extension, all of us. Children and youth in the government’s care are everyone’s children. Stay tuned to this page for ideas on how to take action and support the amazing young people you know. Check out the list below of the top 9 ways you can show your support.


Get active now:

  • Visit and “like” our Facebook campaign page, “I Stand With Children and Youth In Care” here: https://www.facebook.com/StandWithYouthInCare
  • Follow the movement on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook: jointhevillage #standwithyouthincare #youthincareareawesome
  • Challenge stigma and celebrate children and youth in care in B.C. each year during BC Child and Youth in Care Week: http://fbcyicn.ca/programs/youth-and-adults-partnering-for-change/bc-child-and-youth-in-care-week/ and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BCCYICW

The youth in care movement is for everyone. We’re all in this together. Join the growing, supportive “village” of youth and allies. Stand with youth in and from care as a youth or ally in their movement!



  1. GET INFORMED. Learn about the unique barriers and realties currently facing more than 8,000, young people in our province. Approximately 1 in 20 young people will experience some form of social services intervention. Learn about the realities facing young people in care. As much as possible, get your information directly from young people who share their voices in many places, including in reports, their own projects (writing, video, social media, blogs), the media and at conferences. They are the best experts on the realities of being in care and what needs changing. If you know young people in or from care, ask them what they think! What issues to they think need addressing and what does being a good ally mean to them! Here’s a great place to start.
  2. CHALLENGE STIGMA. . Being from care comes with a painful social stigma. Make it clear in all conversations about youth in and from care that they are as diverse and full of potential as all youth, but that in care they face unique and unjust barriers.
  3. RAISE AWARENESS. Use your voice, write letters to government and letters to the editor or Op-Eds. Join the “Stand with Youth in Care Campaign” Facebook campaign and use hashtags #StandWithYouthInCare #JoinTheVillage #YouthInCareAreAwesome in all social media.
  4. VOLUNTEER with a youth-in-care serving organization, including FBCYICN, our Local Youth in Care Networks, and others. Offer professional services for free to youth in and from care and their organizations.
  5. CONNECT youth in and from care with FBCYICN and supportive communities and cultures of their choosing. Get your friends and colleagues involved as allies.
  6. VOTE for candidates who you believe will best #StandWithYouthInCare. Ask young people from care who they would pick!
  7. DONATE. Bursaries and other funds help ease some barriers.
  8. BE A CHAMPION. Cheer youth in and from care on and support their dreams. Celebrate their accomplishments and BC Child and Youth in Care Week each June!
  9. MENTOR! If you can provide a healthy, sustainable, long-term commitment well into adulthood, find a mentorship organization that works with youth in and from care or build a mentoring relationship with an interested youth in or from care in your life. Consider offering a life-long supportive relationship.
  10. FOSTER or ADOPT! If you can offer a healthy, loving and supportive forever family, foster or adopt! So many youth in care are waiting well into their late teens. As foster parents we can aim to provide permanency and a forever relationship with a key to the house.


*This list outlining how we can all be great allies was developed with members of the Federation of BC Youth in Care Networks (FBCYICN) who are young people in and from care from across BC between the ages of 14 and 24.




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