Executive Director Hiring Process

With Jules leaving the Fed, the Board will guide the selection of a new Executive Director (ED) and we want input from youth members and alumni throughout the process. There are a lot of steps involved with a number of opportunities for you to share your views.

Please note that the dates and deadlines below are based on our ideal timeframe and may change.


Step 1: Executive Director Profile Survey

The first step is to figure out what we want the new Executive Director to do and what previous work experience and education would equip them to get the job done. Could you think about the following three questions and send us your thoughts:

  1. What knowledge, skills, abilities, experience and education would help us select a strong candidate to be the next executive director?
  2. What are three key activities you would you like the new ED to do in their first year in the position?
  3. What three goals do you hope the new ED will use to guide the growth of the Fed for the next three years and take it to the next level?

Please send your thoughts to info@fbcyicn.ca by July 12.

Based on your responses, staff responses and board responses to the survey, we will develop the Executive Director job posting to advertise the position.


Step 2: Resume Review Panel

The next step is to sort through resumes and decide who to interview. If you want to see the skills and experience the new ED could have, join our Resume Review Panel.

The panel will take place between August 10 and 13. Members from across BC can participate; we will send you a resume package and you can send us your feedback. Being on the panel will likely involve three or four hours of your time. Depending on the number of resumes that meet the job posting requirements, you may need to read through up to 10 resumes and then rank them. The youth and alumni members of the Selection Committee (see step 4) will come from this panel.

Email info@fbcyicn.ca by August 1 if you would like to be on the panel. You’ll have the resume package on August 10. Send us your feedback and ranked resumes by August 13. Instructions for sending back the resumes will be included in the resume package we send you.


Step 3: Developing Interview Questions

We will be interviewing to find our new Executive Director in August. We have a lot of work to put together the questions we want to ask candidates in the interviews. If you have a question on your mind that you would like to ask the potential EDs, please send it along. Your insights into the current issues that matter most to youth in and from care will help us determine who will be the best candidate.

Send us your questions by August 13 to info@fbcyicn.ca


Step 4: Selection Committee

The selection committee will have youth, alumni, staff and board representatives. The two youth and one alumni rep will come from the resume review panel and will bring knowledge of the resumes to the selection committee. The selection committee will conduct interviews August 20-24 and will make recommendations to the Board for consideration.


If you have questions about the process or ideas you would like to share, please email Gary Tennant at gary.fbcyicn@gmail.com