Photographer for SCM 75

Volunteer Category: Fed Member (14-24), Youth in and from care(14-24)

Description: Come and be an official Fed Photographer at the SCM! We are looking for two friendly members who love to take photos and are attending the SCM to take photos. As an official Fed photographer, you’ll be doing the important job of documenting the great things we do at the SCM. You will be a representative of the Network and wear a badge that shows everyone you’re our photographer. You don’t have to have any skills related to photography, but if you do, that’s a great!           

*You must be registered and approved to attend a Steering Committee Meeting in order to do this volunteer opportunity*

Dates: October 19-21, 2018

Time Commitment:  Shifts occur during free time

Supervising Staff: Stephanie Thompson, Communications Coordinator

Deadline to Respond: Wednesday, October 10 at 4 PM


Contact Stephanie at:

Office phone: 604-527-7762 ext. 113
Text/Cell: 778-951-3401
Toll-free: 1-800-565-8055
Facebook: Stephanie Thompson fbcyicn

Key Responsibilities:

  • You will be asked to represent the Fed as a photographer to capture the story or what's happening through photos.  This will help give you the understanding of how to be a photojournalist.
  • You will be given a specific assignment (i.e. SCM) with a list of key photos to take
  • Take photos outlined in the "Key Photos" Document
  • Be friendly and respect the FBCYICN Code of Conduct when representing the Network.
  • Return the FBCYICN camera to the supervising staff at the end of your designated shifts

Skills/Knowledge we’re looking for:

  • Keen interest in photography/photojournalism
  • Reliability in completing tasks and fulfilling commitments
  • Understanding of the FBCYICN Code of Conduct

Training provided and required:

  • Orientation to role

 What you’ll get:

  • Use of an FBCYICN digital camera
  • An orientation to FBCYICN and overview of photojournalism
  • Support and supervision  
  • Photos taken will be used in our Power Pages magazine and potentially, websites, reports, etc.
  • Acknowledgement and provincial recognition as our Fed Photographer on the inside cover of Power Pages and at the SCM
  • Networking (connecting with decision makers and young people affected by events and topics important to youth in/from care) opportunities as an official Power Pages Photographer and FBCYICN representative
  • Volunteer hours counted toward our volunteer honorarium (every 20 hours, receive $100!)
  • Reference letter if requested