March 2018 Youth Leadership Council Meeting Minutes


Fed Youth Leadership Council March Minutes

Fed Office and numerous cities across B.C thanks to Zoom meeting technology

Thursday, March 8th 2018 5:00pm-6:15pm


Present:               Members: Dylan C, JT, Athena N, Darian N, Cammy L, Nokomas T,

                                Board Member: Kian G

                                Staff Members: Shannon Dolton, Gabby Hillis, Ian Mass

Absent:                Members: Destiny P, Ally P, Robyn R, Darren D


  1)  Called meeting to order

 The meeting started at approximately 5:10pm due to technical difficulties. All present introduced themselves and their preferred pronouns, where they were from and if they knew – what traditional territory they were located on.

              -Welcome to the Fed Youth Leadership Council – Delivered by Shannon

              -Honorarium structure for Youth Leadership Council explained


  2)  Discussion around Youth Leadership Council guiding principles/creating safe space and accountability for council members

        For guiding principles and creating safe space the council wants to see:

  • Recognition from all council members that they are all working together on the same team towards common goals
  • Framework for constructive feedback
  • Asking if feedback could be given
  • Understand everything is coming from a positive place
  • Work to ensure you do not take things personally
  • Be respectful of everyone
  • Do not judge
  • Make Space and Take Space

     In regards to accountability for council members, the council wants to see:

  • Council members be honest with where they are, and to inform staff if they are unable to make it to council meetings due to life, work, school and existing obligations
  • Shannon and Gabby will come up with a process to ensure that all council members are held accountable.
  • Agreed that a guideline will be created that explains amount of meetings missed with notice, and without notice before a council member will potentially be asked to step down.
  • Guideline will be created as a way to show understanding that while life t may interfere with one’s ability to attend meetings there needs to be a certain level of commitment to the council for it to run smoothly and for work to be done on time.
  • The guideline also allows for those who do make meetings consistently to be recognized for their commitment to the council


    3)  Re doing the Fed Code of Conduct

Following feedback from various Fed members, and evaluations from our November 2017 retreat at Evans Lake – Fed staff have recognized that the Code of Conduct for the organization needs to be updated. The current conduct points will stay, the goal is to update the language, make it more inclusive and strength based. The council will also be helping to build a guideline of consequences for those who do not follow the Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct applies to all youth, and members:

- While they are participating in any Fed run or supported activity or event

- While they are using Fed operated social media

- While they are representing the Fed in public or private events

- While being interviewed on behalf of the Fed

- While participating in volunteer or paid opportunities through the Fed

     Feedback from the council on the current Code of Conduct

  • Needs a language update around inclusion, pronouns, and more
  • Move to more strength based language – Do not start each point with NO
  • Be clearer on what the behavior expectations are- give examples of what a negative behavior looks like
  • The points of the conduct are still relevant just need to be updated
  • Ensure that the code of conduct follows the values of the Fed
  • Safety plans for different Fed events – sets an expectations of behavior in emergency situations
  • Need clear understanding of what happens if points of code of conduct are broken
  • Who is to be told?
  • Who holds youth accountable?
  • What points deserve feedback and a chance to learn from behavior versus those that are an automatic dismissal from an activity or outing or the organization itself

    Feedback from the council around future changes to the marijuana laws in B.C and how that will affect the Fed

  • Recreational marijuana should be treated like alcohol and other drugs while at Fed events
  • It can be triggering for youth in recovery
  • underage youth should not be participating in it and should not be around it
  • Policy around medical use of cannabis
  • Could there be an isolated/private area for recreational marijuana use? Depending on site?


     4)  Announcement from Ian

Ian talked with the council about the Organizational Review that he did last summer. He talked specifically about the point from the Organizational Review that it is in the Fed’s best interest for 121 service delivery and budgetary reasons that the Fed co-locate and find office space with an already existing youth serving agency in the Lower Mainland. Ian explained that co-locating would give the Fed access to more youth with care experience while saving money that could be used to support other Fed programs and expand our provincial reach. Ian explained that nothing is in place yet and that the board is looking for feedback around the potential decision to move the Fed office.

     Council Member feedback:

  • Great idea especially if youth in and from care are already at the youth serving agency
  • Good idea, many youth don’t know the Fed exists. A partnership would lead to more youth participating
  • It seems to be cost effective to move
  • Great idea especially because the Fed currently pays so much for renting the current office
  • The Feds potential to grow isn’t limited by the size of the space that we rent

Council member concerns and requests for clarification:

  • Would the move to another youth agency be a partnership or does the Fed still operate independently

Ian explained that the Fed would still operate on its own as standalone nonprofit. We would still have a board, and would just being paying rent at the youth agency.

  • Is there an agency already in mind? How connected are Vancouver youth serving agencies?

Ian explained that there is not yet an agency in mind, and that Vancouver youth serving agencies are very connected, and that Surrey youth serving agencies are connected but he wasn’t sure how connected those two regions are to one another

  • If we are co locating to spend less on rent what will that money go towards? How does the money saved translate to actual activities?
  • What is the point in moving?

Ian spoke to the fact that moving would potentially allow the Fed to focus on high level delivery of programs like the SCM while using the connection to the youth agency to bridge resource delivery.

  • What does community building look like with this move?


     5)  Wrap up and next steps

  • Council members will work individually on code of conduct updates
  • 6 hours of honorarium time to work on updates
  • Doodle poll for April Council Meeting will go out the week of March 19th 2018
  • Minutes will be posted the week of March 19th 2018
  • April council meeting will be redoing Code of Conduct


*** Direct quotes from the council meeting are found throughout this document***