What we are working on

Code of Conduct 

The Youth Leadership Council's first project is updating the code of conduct, which has not been revised in approximately 10 years. The code of conduct will be updated to better reflect the values and expectations of the Federation of BC Youth in Care Networks. We believe the current code lacks eleoquence, and it does not encompass all of the relevant themes that need to be included. We've made it our mission to make the Fed code of conduct easier to understand, by revising it with meaningful strength-based language, and by removing the harsh qualities that currently exist within the code. We are also looking to provide examples of negative behaviors to clarify what is not acceptable behavior. We will also look to create an accountability plan which will give some direction for consequences of exhitibing behavior that violates the code of conduct. Lastly, we recognize the value of an "emergency situation" procedure to have in place so that members understand what is expected in the event of emergencies.