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Local Development

The Local Development program supports communities and empowers individuals to meet the needs of young people in or from government care by developing and maintaining Local Youth in Care Networks (“Locals”) across BC.

A “Local” is a group of young people (14-24) who are in or from government care that come together for support so they don’t feel alone in their experiences! Locals give young people an opportunity to meet new people, do fun activities, develop skills and unite their voices to make change in the systems that affect them.


Each local is unique and is based on the needs and interests of the young people involved.

The relationship between the Federation and its Locals is like a net; we are all held together and connected by the knots in the rope. It is only together that we are strong and can catch and share all the opportunities that come our way.

The Local Development Program is supported by a team of youth and adults from around the province. This group is known as the Local Development Team.


We are currently accepting applications from youth in/from care Locals or community groups to become a Federation Local Member.  Please check out the Toolkit for Locals below for more information.



1) The Start Up Guide has information about Local Youth in Care Networks and how to start one.


3) The Host Agency Information Package can be given to the organization the Local would like to be their Host Agency. It will help the organization figure out if this is a good fit for them and if they are ready for it. The Host Agency Information Package refers to a couple resources:


For more information about the Local Development Program, please contact Dawn Johnson at dawn.johnson@fbcyicn.ca

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