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Transition Kit Bursary-applicationOur Transitions program provides support to young people who are transitioning out of the government’s care to independence. Education, housing, life skills, and employment are some of our key support areas. We offer support through one-to-one support, referring youth to different services, our Education program and bursaries, leadership development/training and by providing skills-building opportunities at our Network events. Young people can access transition support through face to face, email, phone or Facebook.

One way that FBCYICN supports young people in their transitions is with our Transitions Kit Bursary. Read on to learn more!

Transitions Kit Bursary

Find and print off the Transition Kit Bursary Application here:


This province-wide bursary provides youth in/from care (14-24) with a $150 transition kit – items that will support young people who are transitioning to independence.  FBCYICN “in care” definition includes: continuing custody orders (or permanent ward), temporary custody orders (temporary ward), youth agreements, kith and kin agreements (now extended family plan), voluntary care agreements, correctional facilities (secure and open custody) and various specialized government agreements.

This bursary does not replace the transition money given to some young people in care; it is meant to supplement it. Transition money varies for many reasons including care status and need. This bursary is a competitive process and only 2-3 applicants per region will be selected.

Applicants will not receive money directly. If selected to receive this bursary, FBCYICN will purchase a transition kit based on what the applicant indicates on their wish list and have them shipped directly to the young person. When this is not possible, FBCYICN will make alternate arrangements to have their desired list delivered to the applicant.

Eligibility requirements (must meet all these requirements):

  • Youth 14 -24 years old (prior to your 25 birthday)
  • In or from government care in BC
  • Has not received a transition kit from FBCYICN before
  • Either currently living on their own or will be in eight months

Applicants will be notified by an FBCYICN staff member approximately 2-3 weeks after the application deadline.

Please contact us for more information.

Email: info@fbcyicn.ca

Office: 604-527-7762

Toll Free: 1-800-565-8055


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