Our Policies

Our members define our policies and procedures within our organization to align with our values.  To learn more about our policies, please read our Code of Conduct, our most recent Bylaws Document or our One-to-One Support and Confidentiality Policy, or speak to any of our staff team members.

Values Code

This is a set of values was developed by the Youth Leadership Council. The Fed Values Code holds all members, alumni, staff, adult supports and board to a standard of behavior when participating in events and activities put on by the Fed.


Approved by our membership, our Bylaws are the official rules that guide how the organization is run and important decisions will be made. They are the most important rules at the Fed and they require member involvement to change.

One-to-One Support and Confidentiality Policy

This policy explains how staff at the Fed support young people in and from care age 14-24 across the province.