Contact Us

We want to hear from you!  Please come by our office, send us an email, connect on social media or give any of our staff members a call.

Our office hours are 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday.

If you are in urgent need of help outside our office hours, the youth crisis line is open 24 hours a day and is a friendly, anonymous source of support.  

PHONE: 1-866-872-0113 | LIVE CHAT: | In the event of an emergency, DIAL 911.

Fed Office Address

500-625 Agnes Street, New Westminster, B.C. V3M 5Y4
Phone: 604.527.7762
Fax: 604.527.7764

Direct Staff Contacts

Please note that staff are working remotely and don't have access to their office phones. Please call their cell phones, send an email, or message them on Facebook. 

Lorena Bishop, Executive Director

Office Phone: 604-527-7762 x103
Cell Phone: 778-389-9492
Facebook: Lorena Bishop - fbcyicn

Shannon Dolton, Program Coordinator

Office Phone: 604-527-7762 x109
Cell Phone: 604-353-3495
Facebook: Shannon Dolton - fbcyicn

Jessy Neal, Program Coordinator

Office Phone: 604-527-7762 x104
Cell Phone: 604-358-8234
Facebook: Jessy Neal-Fbcyicn

Preeti Prasad, Administrative Coordinator

Office Phone: 604-527-7762 x101
Facebook: Preeti Prasad - fbcyicn

Steve Smith, Program Coordinator

Office Phone: 604-572-7762 ext. 112
Cell Phone: 604-353-3508
Facebook: Steve Smith Work

Stephanie Thompson, Program & Communications Coordinator

Office Phone: 604-527-7762 x113
Cell Phone: 778-951-3401
Facebook: Stephanie Thompson - fbcyicn

Board Member Contacts:

Gary Tennant:

Debbie Cox:

Katelyn Crabtree: