BC Child and Youth in Care Week Awards

Nomination deadline: April 19, 2017

Nominations are open for this year's BC Child and Youth in Care Week Awards!  BC Child and Youth in Care Week will be held from June 3 - 11, 2017, and an important part of the celebrations is the opportunity to recognize individual youth in and from care who have made outstanding strides in their lives this year with the BCCYICW Awards!

There are three age groups for nominees (6 - 12, 13 - 18 and 19 - 24) and six awards categories to choose from, including: achievement in educational or athletic pursuits, courage and leadership, cultural connectedness, artistic pursuits, the Peer Champion Award, and the Super Star Award.

Have you nominated an amazing young person in your life yet? It is so easy! Just fill in our online nomination form and know that you are doing your part to celebrate the incredible, diverse talents of young people in and from care in BC.

Be sure to check out the BC Child and Youth in Care website, and like the Facebook page to stay up to date on all announcements related to the week!