Best Wishes to Shaelyn!

The Fed is fortunate to be made up of a community of individuals: young people, volunteers, adult allies, staff, board members and passionate advocates.  As a network that grows and changes with the members who contribute to it, a necessary part of our work is thanking those who have contributed and moved on to new adventures, bringing their strengths and talents to new communities.  We want to take this moment to recognize Shaelyn Bayduza who has played an important part of this organization through multiple roles for many years, and has recently transitioned from her role in our office as Administrative Coordinator. 

Shaelyn is a passionate advocate, committed Fed alumni and former youth member, a gifted artist, and a devoted mother and friend.  She has been involved at the Fed for many years, starting as a member, volunteering through the extreme team, being hired as a youth staff and even serving for a short time on the Board of Directors before starting as the Administrative Coordinator in 2016.  Shaelyn brought her insights and wisdom from her life experience and years of involvement with the Fed to her role, as well as her genuine caring for the young people that called our office for support.

We know that Shaelyn will be greatly missed by many and we wish her all the best in her future!