Jules steps away from the Fed


Jules has made the decision to step away from the Fed after six years as Executive Director and move on to new adventures. He will stay on until July 15 to help with the transition. Until then, you can reach him at jules.wilson@fbcyicn.ca or 604-527-7762 ext. 103.

With Jules leaving, we want to assure you that we are here. Call or connect anytime. Gary Tennant has taken a step back from the board to provide leadership until a new ED is hired. You can reach Gary at gary.fbcyicn@gmail.com or 604-527-7762 ext. 114. Find direct contacts for the staff.

A Message from Jules

To the youth,

The time has come for me to step away from the role of Executive Director at the Fed. I am full of love and light and the inspiration to pay forward what you have so freely given to me throughout the years. For the past six years you have graced me with your honesty, your passion and your perspectives; welcoming me with open arms. I feel blessed to have learned from you, to have been challenged and to have grown. My decision to leave was to create more time with my daughter, wife and the furriest five (three dogs and two cats). It creates room for me to pursue the passion project of writing a children’s book and it allows me to help other young people in a new environment.

I value the insights you’ve provided into how to be a better ally for youth in and from care, how you’ve challenged and supported me to live my values and be a person of action. And while I feel great sadness at this time of change, I also feel pride in how I’ve watched so many of you fight for your rights and seek and achieve fair treatment for others. You are advocates, you are honest, you are reliable, you are gifted and you deserve the best we can offer to help you live your dreams.

Dream big, soar high, and continue to love each other and take comfort in a community and movement that you built. Thank you for again for inviting me into your world, letting me walk with you on your journeys and letting me witness your true power. Until we meet again I say, “Thinking the best for you.”

I will be around until July 15th and for those who wish to stay connected after that I will provide some contact information shortly.

With pride and warmth,



A Message from the Board

To Jules,

On behalf of the board, I would like to acknowledge the tremendous contribution you have made to the Fed and to B.C.’s youth in and from care. Your gentle guidance and deep understanding of the issues that matter will be missed.

It sounds like you are ready for new adventures and new challenges, and I look forward to seeing what that looks like for you. I know you will stay close to the Fed and continue to share your knowledge and passion.

With admiration,

Debbie Cox

FBCYICN Board Chair