Making the best of a blizzard!

On February 3, young people, staff, volunteers, and board members got up ready for an amazing weekend at our youth retreat in Evan's Lake near Squamish.  Unfortunately, by mid-morning, it was obvious that the weather was going to have a major impact on our plans, and after several hours of searching for possible solutions and alternate options, we were forced to cancel the February youth retreat and postpone our AGM.

This was a huge disappointment for all of the participants, their support networks, staff, volunteers and organizers alike.  Many of you who have had the opportunity to participate in our retreats know how much these weekends mean for young people.  Although all of us were deeply saddened to have to cancel the event, we knew that we could not risk the safety of any of the young people attending, and that made it clear what we had to do.

We would like to thank everyone who helped us to make the most of this difficult situation: social workers, foster parents, volunteers, and participants.  It was a hard day, and we know it was especially challenging for those already on their way or at the Fed office, but you all worked together to help us ensure the safety and wellbeing of the participants.  Thank you!

With the support of all of you, we were able to make sure that those who were already at the Fed were able to enjoy the evening in New Westminister, share a tasty dinner and stay over at a local hotel under staff supervision before returning home safely the next day.  Below are a few pictures from our evening. 

Stay tuned for updates about upcoming events and the new date for our Annual General Meeting.