MCFD Response to COVID-19

The Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) recently announced ongoing supports for youth who are aging out of care or currently on Agreements with Young Adults (AYA) during the COVID-19 pandemic. Youth in care will NOT age out of services during the COVID-19 pandemic and those who have recently aged out will get extra assistance. 

If you're in foster care: 
Social workers are working to extend agreements with youth currently in foster care and caregivers. 

If you're nearing the end of a Youth Agreement or Independent Living: 
You'll be given options to continue receiving monthly living expenses. Social workers will be in contact to help guide you through this process. 

If you're on an AYA: 
You'll continue to receive financial support despite school closures and other training program interruptions caused by the pandemic. You may also be eligible to receive an extension of AYA support beyond the current maximum of 48 months. 

If you've recently aged out: 
Additional efforts will be made to locate young adults who have recently aged out of care to connect them to other lines of available support, like the B.C. Emergency Benefit for workers and the Federal Emergency Care Benefit. 

MCFD has created an info page on their website with info about common aging out scenarios that might apply to you, plus a Frequently Asked Questions document.  

If you’re having trouble connecting with your social worker or AYA worker, you can also contact the Representative for Children and Youth at or call 1-800-476-3933. The Representative’s Office can support you in making the right connections within your local MCFD or DAA office. 

To find information about resources related to benefits, money, health, mental health and housing, visit If you have trouble navigating any resources out there, please contact any staff member and we'll be happy to help!