Membership Interview Month with Karmella

In this interview we caught up with Karmella, Fed member and one of our hardworking Extreme Team Members! Check out our News section on our website to read more interviews from membership month and follow us on instagram to be notified as they go up.

How long have I been a part of the Fed?

I have been a Fed member since July of 2016

Why did you decide to join up?

I signed up because I was working on the Indigenous Youth Leadership Team with RCY doing Ignite Your Spirit conference planning for Indigenous youth in care. I went to the Steering Committee Meeting (SCM) (the Fed's Youth Retreat) at the Sandman hotel as part of our research and really felt a part of the Youth in Care community for the first time. I didn't ever know such a community existed!!

What would you say to a young person who is considering becoming involved with the Fed?

Just give it a shot. If you are a young person seeking a sense of community and understanding, just try going to an SCM. There is a welcoming and supportive community waiting for you.

What is my favorite Fed memory?

My favorite Fed memory is sharing creative space with Meredith Graham in a workshop on art in advocacy at two of our SCM's. It was so special to see young people open up and share their voice with each other. I felt so connected to what each person shared, I felt heard and understood when I shared my poem and I could tell that we all felt empowered in sharing our voices. Thanks Meredith heart

How has being involved in the Fed impacted my life?

I never knew that I could feel so supported, understood and connected until I accidently went to an SCM for work. I have gone to three SCM's since and have been on the Extreme Team for the past two. The Fed has provided me with opportunities to challenge myself as a leader, and role model as well as connected me with some of the most wonderful, supportive, understanding and compassionate people I have ever met. I have many new friends because of the Fed and I feel a part of a real community because of the organization.

Which of the Fed's programs is most important to me?

The most important program to me is the SCM"s. This is how I learned about the Fed and this where I have most actively participated. The SCM"s have taught me many things such as patience, leadership, accountability, relationship building and it provides a real sense of community living as you share space with a group of youth in/from care for the weekend. The SCM's are such a special opportunity and I have had a really interesting and special time being a member of the Extreme Team doing planning and support work.