Membership Interview Month with Natasha

In today's membership month profile we hear from Natasha - long time Fed member, multiple time Extreme Team and Outreach Group member!! Check out our news section on our website to read more interviews from membership month and follow us on Instagram to be notified as they go up.

How long have I been a part of the Fed?

I have been a member for about 7 years

Why did you decide to join up?

My sister was a member and brought me to my first SCM. I hated it at first (mostly because I didn't give it a chance). When I started coming on my own I met more people and met Chris Buchner (a former staff member) he was always there for me and really helped me to open up. Now I am always involved.

What would you say to a young person who is considering becoming involved with the Fed?

I would say to give it a chance. It can be scary at first (especially for people with social anxiety like myself) but it doesn't take long to see the beauty of the organization. I have been told many times over how quickly the Fed becomes like a second family for most. The Fed is a place where you can totally be yourself and be 100% loved and accepted. The Fed has been the one place that has helped me to grow mentally and emotionally, it has helped me to open my eyes to strengths I never knew I had.

What is my favorite Fed memory?

I have so many memories with the Fed as I have consistently been involved for so long, this makes it hard to pick a favorite. I guess I will go with the SCM 2 years ago which is where I met my best friend who has been an angel sent to my life.

How has being involved with the Fed impacted my life?

The Fed has impacted my life in ways I never could have imagined. Working within the Fed programs has helped me to find my voice, not only within the Fed but in every area of my life. I am able to do things I never would have before - like giving presentations to conference rooms filled with official people. It has given me the confidence to go after what I want in life, to go back to school and be someone that everyone in the care system I grew up in told me I could not be. 

Which of the Fed's programs is most important to you?

All of the programs are helpful and important, but the ones I have been most involved with and have learned the most from is the Outreach Group, YouthSpeak and the Extreme Team