Membership Month Interview with Ally

In this interview, we caught up with Ally, Fed member and one of our new Leadership Council members!  Check out our news section on our website to read more interviews from membership month and follow us on Instagram to be notified as they go up!

How long have I been a part of the Fed?

I have been a part of the Fed for a total of 18 months!

Why did you decide to sign up?  

I decided to sign up for the Fed because I had learned it was an opportunity to associate with other kids in care, and it is a program that kids in care have created! I was lost and struggling to find a group that I could fit in with, my social worker had said it could be a very great experience and I was the guinea pig!

What would you say to a young person who is considering becoming involved with the Fed?

I would tell them it is a very positive idea. For me the Fed has shown me family in a sense of ways and everyone who attends Fed retreats can understand what you’re going through on different levels! It has a very positive impact on everyone, and who doesn’t enjoy having something in common with others? Not only is it positive but it’s a small family-like community that offers some very amazing opportunities to help out with the youth in their near future when they age out!

What is my favourite Fed memory?

That would have to be the very first SCM I ever went to and it was at the UBC (University of British Columbia) in Vancouver! On Saturday night we had a talent show. Majority of the youth that came had performed! My favourite part of that talent show was the group song we all sang! It was a very special moment and I will forever cherish that!

How has being involved in the Fed impacted my life?

Being in the Fed has impacted my life in many positive ways! It has shown me that I do not have to fight this battle alone. It has shown me that there are other people who have gone through similar things that I have and there is multiple ways to make a bad situation a better one. The Fed has helped me to educate other people that know nothing about the foster system and help make others aware of what children can go through in my town! They have helped me to become very passionate about my life situation and let others know they are programs to help them and share with others that they don’t have to go through tough things alone.

Which of the Fed’s programs are most important to me?

The program the Fed offers that are most important to me would be the SCM (youth retreats) because it’s a very special way for many kids to interact with one another on so many different levels.