National Indigenous Peoples Day

We hope that everyone in Canada takes the time to recognize this important day, but at the Fed, we strive to celebrate the contributions of the First Nations communities as much as possible - not just once a year!

Did you know that although Indigenous children represent only 4-6% of the general population, 50-60% of the children in care in BC are Indigenous?  In our 2016 YouthSpeak report, 44% of respondents identified as “Aboriginal.” 

Because so many youth in and from care have Indigenous heritage, and young people in YouthSpeak identified cultural connections as an important protective factor for their well-being, finding ways to help connect young people with opportunities to learn from Indigenous communities is very important to us. 

We have helped to support our members through government consultations, at workshops and meetings like the Reconciliation in Action Conference in September 2016, and we are currently developing a new program that will help to connect with young people across the province to talk about reconciliation and what it means to them.

At the Fed, we are fortunate to have an incredibly diverse membership and many young Indigenous leaders in our midst.  We strive to learn from their wisdom and we appreciate everything that they bring to our organization.

Connect with us to learn more about our programs and how you can get involved!