Staff Goodbyes

We regret to announce that two members of our staff team are moving on to other opportunities this month.  We completely understand how hard it is to say goodbye, and we know how much these two will be missed!  Although it is sad to see them go, we are thrilled that both will be at our retreat from June 2-4, so you will get the chance to see them if you are coming!

Farewell Letter from Chris

After over 8 years of being fortunate enough to be part of the Fed family and support our members as a manager here, I will now be moving on to the next chapter of my life. My partner just finished med school and got accepted to do his residency in Calgary so I will be moving there with him at the beginning of June after the upcoming SCM.

I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with and develop meaningful relationships with such incredible, talented youth, staff and board members. I have learned so much from my time here from all of you. One of the biggest things I’ve learned about youth in and from care is that not only are you accepting of people's differences regardless of sexuality, gender, race, abilities, and personalities but you welcome difference with open arms and hearts. Working here I’ve always felt I could be myself and that hasn’t always been the case in my life so thank you for that.

The Fed is such an amazing organization in large part because we are youth-driven. During my time here I saw how powerful and meaningful it was to support young people to lead the work we do. I know that the current staff team and the board also recognize how important that is so never forget you have a voice here and you are all so key in driving the work that we do. Also, right now is an exciting time for the Fed, with the new and improved website, a commitment to focusing on how we communicate with the world and with now having the ability to find different sources of funding. These form key building blocks the Fed needs to grow and to have a greater impact on improving the lives of youth in and from care.

I will really miss all of you and my time here, but I know that the Fed will always be a huge part of my life. If you would like to stay in touch you will still be able to find me on my Facebook under Chris Buchner Work. Thank you all again for allowing me in your lives and giving me this amazing experience the past 8 years.


Chris Buchner

Dasha's Goodbye 

Dear Fed Family,

After much deliberation, I have made the difficult decision to leave my position as Program Coordinator at the FBCYICN.  With my part-time contract coming to an end in August, I have decided to leave early in order to accept a full-time position with the Vancouver Pride Society as an Event Coordinator. While I am sad to go, I am so grateful for the time I did have here. I have learned so much about the youth in care movement and that the work of organizations like the Fed is not only beneficial, but absolutely necessary. The incredible staff team here has taught me so much, and for this I will always be grateful. But mostly, my learning has come not from the job, but from the members of the organization.

Although my time at the Fed has been fairly short, the impact that the members have had is something I will keep with me forever. To those of you I only met briefly: I learned how welcoming and open you are to all those around you, and I thank you for making me feel like I belong. To those of you I was lucky to get to know throughout my time at the Fed: you have taught me so much about the resilience and passion of individuals within the youth in and from care community, and it continuously inspires me to work hard and keep sight of what matters.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the conversations, the laughs, the learning and the connections. Thank you to the staff, board, alumni and members for the endless wisdom, knowledge and insights that I know will help to shape my future endeavors. I will miss you all.

With love,

Dasha Cotic-Ehn