Youth Leaders Share Knowledge with Ministry Special Representative

We were pleased to have the opportunity to host a meeting between Special Ministry Representative, Dr. Cynthia Wesley-Esquimaux and a group of Indigenous youth members and Fed alumni on November 29 here at the Fed office.

It was an interesting discussion and it was great to see government engaging with Indigenous youth in and from care about their experience. As our 2016 YouthSpeak Report identified, cultural connections are an important protective factor for youth in and from care. We need to work together as a province and as a country to make sure that youth growing up in care have the opportunity to grow up connected to their cultural roots.

In this meeting, we had the chance to talk more about what this means personally for our members. Meetings like this are also an example of how we can work to give youth a voice in decisions that matter to them, another top issue identified by the YouthSpeak report. As an organization that strives to provide young people with every possible opportunity to be heard in their communities, we are proud to help facilitate this process in any way that we can.