Ways to Give

Parents in BC want to give their kids the best possible opportunities to achieve their goals and lead full, happy lives. As British Columbians, we are all parents for the young people in the care of our government, and our support can make a huge difference. With funds raised from generous donors like you, we can continue to do more to give these young people an equal opportunity to follow their dreams. Read about some of the wonderful folks who have made donations!

Where will your donation go?

It’s up to you! You can donate any amount to any of our Program Funds or to our General Fund. Donations to the General Fund will be put toward the program or service with the highest need, or could help us start a program or service that addresses a new need.

Program Funds

Please note that the amounts suggested are suggestions only. Any donation, big or small, is a huge help.

Holiday Care Kit Fund

The winter holidays can be a difficult time for youth in and from government care. Many young people feel a lack of the connection and belonging that are a big part of this season for many folks. This year, navigating the holidays during a pandemic means that many of the gatherings and celebrations where youth might usually spend time with community and chosen family won't be possible.

Remind a young person that they are supported and cared for this holiday season by donating to Holiday Care Kits! With your help we hope to build at least 250 Holiday Care Kits to gift to children and youth in and from care across BC!
$50 will cover the cost of one kit, but any amount helps!

Dream Fund

The Dream Fund (you guessed it) supports youth to achieve their dreams. Young people have used their Dream Fund awards for anything from tuition to a post-secondary school, job skills training like Foodsafe and Quickbooks to self-care and passion projects like yoga or photography classes. 
$200 would pay for art classes for one youth.
$35 would cover Serving it Right certification.

Youth Retreat Fund

Youth come together from all across the province to learn life skills, have fun, build lasting friendships, and influence the work of the organization.
$300 would provide a subsidy for one youth to attend a retreat.
$50 would contribute to a youth's travel costs.

Power Pages Fund

Power Pages is a magazine where youth can publish their art, stories, articles, photography, opinions, poetry and anything else they want to share.
$20-$50 would provide an honorarium to a youth whose work was published in Power Pages.

Local Networks Fund

Fed Local Networks are groups in communities around BC where young people can have fun, learn skills and build supportive connections.
$250-$500 could cover the cost of a life skills workshop in one of our locals. If ten people donated $50, a local could run a workshop that supports youth to learn about cooking or budgeting.

By Phone

Call our office at 604.527.7762 or toll free at 1.800.565.8055.

In Person

Contact us to make an appointment to meet our staff and learn more about ways you can get involved.

By mail

Please make your cheque or money order payable to the Federation of BC Youth in Care Networks. Do not send cash by mail. You can send your donation to:

Federation of BC Youth in Care Networks
500-625 Agnes Street
New Westminster, BC V3M 5Y4