Federation of BC Youth in Care Networks Outreach

The Fed’s Outreach program connects with youth and community organizations to:  

  1. Let youth in and from care and their allies know who we are and what we do
  2. Raise awareness about the needs, issues, ideas, and experiences of youth in and from care and advocate for change
  3. Build allies who can become part of and support the youth in care community
  4. Let youth know about the opportunities and resources available to them

We do this by attending community events, providing presentations, and sharing information via our communication channels, including:

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Interested in having us come to do a presentation? Please see below for the presentations we can offer!

Fed 101: Get to Know the Federation of BC Youth in Care Networks 

This presentation is an overview of the Federation of BC Youth in Care Networks, the programs and services we offer, and our youth-driven, peer-based framework. We also talk about the different roles available at the Fed to youth, allies and community partners.

How to Be an Ally: Working with Youth in and from Government Care

This presentation will help you to gain an understanding of the care experience and explore ways you can become part of and support the youth in care community. You have an important role to play in helping create positive experiences for youth in care that help them to achieve their goals and have their voices heard.  


We can create custom presentations based on your needs. Please note more time is required for us to respond to these requests.

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