Power Pages

August 23, 2019

Power Pages is a provincial magazine connecting youth in and from care, service providers and caregivers across BC. Each issue has updates from the Fed and information about opportunities and resources offered by MCFD and other community partners, but the heart of Power Pages is the stories, poems, interviews, photos and artwork submitted by young people. Power Pages is a platform for young people to express their concerns and experiences, share their voice and connect with a provincial network of youth in and from care and their allies.

Download the latest issue here, or check out our archive for past issues.

Get published! Submit your content to us today.

Are you a young person in or from care between the ages of 14-24? Send us your local updates, success stories, opinion articles, reports, ideas, photos, letters to government, poetry, questions and artwork by August 23, 2019 to get published in the next issue! You will receive a small honorarium for every submission printed.

Are you an agency representative with something great to share with our readers? Send us your update and if it is relevant for young people in and from care between the ages of 14-24 across BC, we will include it in our latest issue. We cannot guarantee that it will be printed as we prioritize the work of young people.

How to submit: There are lots of ways you can send us your work.
  1. Fill in our online submission form and attach digital copies of your work.
  2. Download and complete the submission coversheet. Send your completed coversheet along with your work via:

You can submit to Power Pages anytime, although there are deadlines to get your work into a specific issue. The deadline to get your work into the next issue is August 23, 2019. If you have any questions about Power Pages submissions and deadlines, call 1.800.565.8055 (toll-free) or 604-527-7762, or email powerpages@fbcyicn.ca.

Our Editorial Policy

  • Sometimes we receive more submissions than we are able to print. In this case, we prioritize the content from youth in and from care and we may only print one piece by each young person. 
  • Articles printed in Power Pages do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Fed.

Subscribe to Power Pages

Are you an agency representative who wants to get Power Pages out to the youth in your community? Subscribe to Power Pages! If you already receive Power Pages but need to update your information (mailing address, email, etc.) or the number of copies you want to receive, complete the subscription form with your new information. Contact Stephanie Thompson, Communications Coordinator at stephanie.thompson@fbcyicn.ca if you have any questions.