Membership Interview Month with Darian

It is week two of our Membership Interview Month Profiles. Today we hear from Darian -  Fed member, Extreme Team member and member of our Youth Leadership Council! Check out our news section on our website to read more interviews from membership month and follow us on Instagram to be notifed as they go up.

How long have I been a part of the Fed?

I have been a member of the Fed for less than a year, and joined during last years SCM -  7 months ago. I already feel like I have a home here that I can actually trust

Why did you decide to join up?

I decided to join the Fed because people in and from care don't often get a voice, but the Fed helped to get that. In care I felt invalidated, and silent about my needs. Being from care is all you need to become a Fed member, and to have a voice to actually affect the future of the organization, and to connect with others who will likely have experiences like you.

What would you say to a young person who is considering becoming invovled with the Fed?

I would say give it a try. Although the Fed has their drop in office ( based in New Westminster), they offer a lot of supports and will even pay for you to bus, ferry or otherwise get to their retreats that happen twice a year. There is nothing like the feeling of being in a room of people who understand you. Who won't make you feel bad for being from a confusing, and uncomfortable past, and you don't even need to talk about it if you don't want, but you can.

What is my favoritie Fed memory?

My favorite Fed memory is actually two because I can't decide, Haha. At my first SCM (Fed Retreat) I felt safe enough to open up and play an original song in their talent show that I had only shared with a couple of close friends before! I got a warm and accepting round of applause. My second favorite memory would have to be getting the oppurtunity to to be a part of the Extreme Team by helping plan and run the last retreat in November. From the amazing support the team gave eachother, to the friends I got to help plan with and throw a party for. The Fed is an amazing organization that allows me to hang out with understanding friends cheeky

How has being involved in the Fed impacted my life?

Being a part of the Fed is continuing to impact my life by showing me I am worth having a voice, and I am worth having a community. In care I found myself feeling alone, and constantly listening to the footsteps outside my room while wondering what was happening. The Fed is an amazing place to open up and meet many youth like yourself to have fun with. It is a way to try something new in a safe and accepting place without feeling the obligations of Social Worker telling you what to do.

Which of the Fed's Programs is most important to you?

The most important programs available through the Fed would have to be the SCM's and Take the Wheel Program. I have been to just two SCM's and the amazing impact is that it has given me enjoyment in being myself, which I have not had in a long time. The Take the Wheel Program is a bursary (money you can apply for) that goes straight to a driving school to help teach you how to drive, it can also cover your test and liscense! For me, I didn't have anyone to teach me how to drive - I was told by a foster partent " I will never drive with someone who has an L" If it wasn't for this oppurtunity I would would feel like I wasn't a valuable enough part of society. This program helped me realize this doesn't have to be the case.***

Thank you Fed staff and board members! You really do amazing work!

*** The Take the Wheel Program is currently on hold while the Fed works to secure more funding to continue running this life changing and important program