New Values Code

This winter the Fed Leadership Council started the process of looking at and updating the Fed’s Code of Conduct. Over the past year or so our members have told us that the Code of Conduct needed to be more inclusive and strength based. Our members believed that there was a way to create a code of conduct that was not based around a list of things that youth can’t do or shouldn’t do when participating in Fed events and activities. Youth Leadership Council member J.T. took a particular interest in redesigning the code in a way that honored the feedback of the members of the Fed.

The Fed is proud to officially launch what will now be known as the Fed Values Code.  The Fed Values Code holds all members, alumni, staff, adult supports and board to a standard of behavior when participating in events and activities put on by the Fed. This includes: SCMs, any Fed social media pages, events, activities where you are attending or presenting on behalf of the Fed. We would like to thank everyone who played a part in the creation of this important piece of work.

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