Fed Connects is a virtual space that offers youth in and from government care a place to come together, build skills, and access information. Fed Connects hosts a variety of events, programs, and resources like Fed Family Chat, skill-building workshops, consultations, cultural teachings, talent shows, and more using a variety of online platforms.

Power Pages is a provincial magazine connecting youth in and from care, service providers and caregivers across BC. It's a platform for young people to express their concerns and experiences, share their voice and connect with a provincial network of youth in and from care and their allies.

Young people at the Fed

Like all young people, youth in and from care are diverse individuals with their own goals, stories and talents; however, their experience in care means they face specific challenges and barriers.  It can sometimes be hard for young people to find someone to talk to about their struggles or their dreams and goals.

One-to-One supports...

Our retreats bring youth in and from care from all across the province together to learn life skills, have fun, build lasting friendships, direct the work of the organization, contribute to government consultations, and build a provincial community.

The Dream Fund (you guessed it) supports youth to achieve their dreams. Young people have used their Dream Fund awards for anything from tuition to a post-secondary school, job skills training like Foodsafe and Quickbooks to self-care and passion projects like yoga or photography classes.