Holiday Care Kit Requests

The winter holidays can be a difficult time for youth in and from care. We know many of you feel an absence of the connection and belonging that are a big part of this season for many folks.  We want to remind you that you're supported and cared for this holiday season with a Holiday Care Kit!  

Holiday Care Kits will include items for personal care, fun, entertainment, warmth, treats, self-care and more. Our hope is that this little package of goodies reminds you that your Fed Family is thinking of you and sending you love.  

With the help of our amazing Fed Family we were able to send over 500 Holiday Care Kits this year! 

Check out our Holiday Care Kits Report for 2021 to see the growth and impact of this amazing program!


Request a Holiday Care Kit!  

Requests are closed for 2023. Do you have questions about your request? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or if you don’t see the information you need contact Taylor at