Holiday Care Kit Requests

Requests for Holiday Care Kits will open November 1 for Fed youth members and Fed Local Network members.
General requests open November 5.

Holiday Care Kits will include items for personal care, fun, entertainment, warmth, treats, culture, self-care and more. Our hope is that this little package of goodies reminds you that your Fed Family is thinking of you and sending you love.

Who can get a Holiday Care Kit?

Holiday Care Kits can be requested for:

  • Youth in or from government care ages 14-24 in BC under any care status (who are (or were) in foster care under by agreement or court order; on a youth agreement or in an OOC arrangement such as an Extended Family Program; 35.2.d and 41.1.b.)
  • Fed Alumni (Fed Alumni are folks who are 25+ and were Fed Members between the ages of 14-24 years old)
How many Holiday Care Kits are available?

We’re excited to give out 500 Holiday Care Kits this year!

Can I request a Holiday Care Kit for myself?

Yes! If you’re a young person in or from care ages 14-24 in BC or a Fed Alumni, we encourage you to request this lovely piece of holiday cheer from your Fed Fam.

Can I request a Holiday Care Kit for someone else?

Yes! Social workers, community partners, friends, foster parents, teachers, youth workers, family and adult allies are encouraged to request Holiday Care Kits for eligible youth.

IMPORTANT: You MUST get consent from the young person/people for the following:

  • The youth must give you permission to request a Holiday Care Kit for them
  • The youth must give you permission to share their personal information with the Fed
  • The youth must give permission for the Fed to communicate with you about the kit if necessary

If you request a kit for a young person, the kit will be mailed to you. You will be responsible for ensuring the youth receives it.

Can I request Holiday Care Kits for more than one youth?

Yes. Kits are being given out on a first come, first serve basis so you can request kits for multiple youth who are eligible. You will need to complete a request form for each youth you are requesting a kit for.

When do I need to request my kit by?

Kits are being given on a first come, first serve basis, so request your kits early! We will close Holiday Care Kit requests as soon as we reach 500 requests, or on November 29 if we don’t reach 500.